Room Build: Office de Fuschia

Today, I bring you a new room build. OFFICE de FUSCHIA is a small home office/study in a clean modern style with pops of hot pink for a little saucy feminine allure!

Office de Fuschia

Office de Fuschia

And, check out the speed-build of Office de Fuschia here:

New Room Build and Speed Build Video: Dreamy White Kitchen

With the Sims 4 we have a unique option to build our Sims’ homes one-room-at-a-time. Until recently, I hadn’t taken advantage of this fun building feature, and now I wish I hadn’t waited so long! Here is my first room build, Dreamy White Kitchen:

Dreamy White Kitchen

Dreamy White Kitchen

And, another first for me, I made a speed-build video!  Check out the speed-build of Dreamy White Kitchen here:

New Residential Lot: Shadestone Manor

SHADESTONE MANOR is a very large home in the French Provencial style, but with a bit of modernity inside. Shades of black, white, and grey support an occasional punch of color.  With plenty of room for a blossoming family, Shadestone Manor is sure to please your Sims!

Shadestone Manor

Shadestone Manor

See the video feature of this grand home here: 

New Challenge Series: The Black Widow Challenge–Driven To Madness


Meet Scarlett Webb, a young woman who–as a child–suffered at her father’s cruel hands.  It didn’t help that her heart was broken (repeatedly) by high school beaus.  Her heart has become blackened, and she will stop at nothing to establish her dominance over the male gender!  Will she find fulfillment in her dark deeds?  Will this serial killer be discovered and exposed?  Find out in The Black Widow: Driven To Madness!

Watch the teaser:

Watch the series playlist:

New Challenge Series Begins: Hired Help!


Hey Blissful Simmers!

Beginning Monday, January 12, 2015, be sure to check out the NEW Sims 4 challenge series that I have with Simmer Caliente!

We are playing the Hired Help Challenge and competing to see whose Sim can rack up the most points.  This fun challenge should offer each of our Sims a chance to meet a lot of neighborhood Sims, while we acquire a ton of skills.  We’ve both gutted Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, and we are each playing Sim-versions of ourselves.  The objective is to build some initial skills, then hire out our Sim to various households in the world in order to successfully complete some very specific jobs.

For the original challenge, we thank MissChevus over on Mod the Sims!  You can find her rules here:

Simmer Caliente (Amanda) revised the original rules to suit our needs and to make the scoring more accessible–mainly for my benefit–as we are competing.  You can find her revisions here:

Most importantly, GO WATCH the Hired Help Challenge series!

You can access my version of the series here:

You can access Simmer Caliente’s version of the series here:

One last thing, I want to give a mention and a “thank you” to all the wonderful content creators out there in the world of Simming!  I downloaded many, many households and lots to make-over both of the Sims 4 base game worlds.  The following list contains all these talented Gallery creators and their creations:

Ansett4Sims: Navefarne Vale
arielle47:  The Fighting Eel Bar
cbrock72: Harvester’s Cottage; Avalon; Copper Mirage
Chris2fer03: Morado Mediterraneo
codyr2391: Café Rouge
DippyDesigns: Hickory Lodge
DutchSimsMaster: Public Pool; Willow River; Family House
EpletViktor: Lord Simington Pub
FOLLYFOOT: Refurbished Factory; Luvamoca; Acogedora Vivienda; Little Read Apple Starter
Fuzzy_Potato_: White Oasis
idatoft: Laguna Park
Itcommistek: Orchard Hill
Jayocean: Steampunk Inc
jarkad: Isadora
JOL1990: Regal Manor; Archive Church; Café D’Amour
kaylyred: Sacred Grounds; Celestory
Larifari2009: Factory Living Extd; Old Tyme Residence
maayaniv: Cupcakes Shop
oSutiivu: Golden Desert
peacemaker_ic: Oakwood Plantation
PurpleKachina: Industrial Kachina
romagi1: Warehouse Conversion
RubyRed_1023: granny’s kitchen
ruthless_kk: Daisy Lane; Sherrie’s Suburban
sashraf1: Park Church
theFtip: Eco House
vallie74: Haus Malaga
yanti68: Interlude; Casa Grande

amchristian: Whitfield
audrey54804: Reed; Caliente
EuphorialQueen: Gresham
oilbasedoleander: London
sashababy27: Larson
simnopsis: Einstein
SpiderMiner583: Dietzman
Williomuk: Perry

Welcome to SIMple Bliss!

Hey, Blissful Simmers!

Welcome to my blog focusing solely on the Sims 4!  The SIMple Bliss blog is a place to showcase my Sims 4 lot builds and Create-A-Sim households, as well as all of my Sims 4 YouTube series.

You may not know it, but on the Sims forums, I am known as KimSim1965, and under that same username I have had a long-standing Sims 3 blog called Kim’s Creative Outlet.

Since the Sims 4 released, I knew I would want to create a “sister site” that would focus on my Sims 4 creations.  So, I decided to create this site, (simply titled) SIMple Bliss!

If you are already a fan of my YouTube channel, that name is definitely familiar to you.  If not, then, by all means, check out my current informational video below…


The Hired Help Challenge Coming Soon To YouTube

Thank you, Simmer Caliente, for getting us organized! Looking forward to starting this fun new series/challenge together. 🙂


Hi so me and Kim (AKA SIMple Bliss On YouTube) are starting a collaboration challenge on our YouTube channel. It is the hired help challenge. We are going to make it a little friendly competition to see who can get the most points.

The Original Challenge Rules can be found here:
SIMple Bliss:
My Channel:

We are doing it pretty similar but we have made small changes to the way we are going to play.
We are also going to make 4 families each for the challenge instead of using in game ones.

So I have typed it out the way we are going to play and added some stuff here and there to keep us on track:

-Make a Young Adult Simself in CAS.
-Put them in a starter house  (Can be downloaded from the gallery)
and make sure to buy these objects:
a tv, a bonsai…

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Heading Into the Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, Simmers!

I recently decided to take a couple of weeks off of my YouTube schedule.  I am still recording and uploading, but I’m just not following any kind of schedule.  My videos may be few right now, but after Thanksgiving things will return to a more consistent routine.

The reason for this?  I am taking a couple of my weekends to prepare for Christmas.  As of today, I have MOST of my decorations put up, and it is almost Thanksgiving!  I will spend the next couple of days now focused on the Thanksgiving “feast” I will making for my family.  After that, I should be close to getting back into my schedule.

The one LP I have been diligently trying to keep on schedule is the one that is most popular–the Amazon Challenge!  I am glad it is popular, though, because it is one of my personal favorites, and I thoroughly enjoy playing it!

Anyway, if you’d like more details about my “time-off” from my YouTube schedule, here’s the update video I uploaded a couple of weeks ago:

Happy Simming!  <>:-)